Information for Parents & Guardians

Here at Youth Haven, we're excited to offer free summer camp and weekend camps for kids who have gone through some type of hardship in their lives. This could be foster care, single-parent homes, financial struggles, or other difficulties that would make them deserving of a camp scholarship. Private donors provide the funds for those scholarships so the children can come to camp free of charge.

Youth Haven is a safe and fun place! Our team leaders spend time with the kids, doing all kinds of fun and creative activities. They are positive role models and often feel like a big brother or big sister to he children. The children are placed on teams with other kids their age, which helps them develop their social skills and teaches them teamwork. While they're with us, the children will be unplugged from media and technology and have a chance to use their imaginations and get physical exercise. We are a non-denominational Christian outreach that teaches morals and values to help the children be a positive influence their schools and communities.

Our weekend camps take place during the school year and are for ages 7-13. We run 5-day camps for ages 8-13 in the summer, with one 3-day summer camp for ages 7-13 at the end of the summer camp season. We are currently scheduling children ages 7-13 to attend a fabulous fall weekend!

How to Sign Your Child Up for Camp:

Has your child been to Youth Haven before?

Yes - If a school counselor or social worker previously scheduled your child, please let that person know when you'd like your child to come to camp and ask him or her to contact us. If you were the person who scheduled your child, or if your child no longer works with the social worker or school counselor, you can schedule your child by calling Stephanie, our Children's Scheduling Coordinator, at 517-569-3328.

No - Please click here to download an Individual Household Application and follow the instructions at the top of the first page. One you return your completed application to us, our Children's Scheduling Coordinator will contact you with scheduling details. If you aren't able to download or print the application, or if you have any questions, please contact Stephanie at (517) 569-3328. You can either mail your completed application to Youth Haven, PO Box 97, Rives Junction, MI 49277 or e-mail it to You will only need to fill out an application once. Thank you!